The Power of Friendship

I’ve not always been the perfect friend. I know, I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. We all fail our friends at some point.

The good thing about a true friendship is that they will still love you & want to be your friend even when you fail miserably. They will be there to uplift you with encouragement and sometimes a hug or two (personal favorite)!

It’s taken me plenty of years to learn the difference between real and fake friends and I’m not 100% sure I have it all figured out now. I’ve been tossed to the side for relationships and had so called friends hit on my boyfriends. People will lie and manipulate others to get exactly what they want, sometimes under the guise of friendship. Unfortunately, I’m sure this has happened to plenty of us. When it happens, you just have to realize it wasn’t your fault and forgive that person, no matter how hard it may be.

If you are a sensitive person, like me, friends can also hurt your feelings. Before jumping to conclusions, understand where that person is coming from. Whether words were said out of anger or frustration or because the situation wasn’t understood. If you cherish that person, fix it.

Although sometimes, things simply cannot be forgiven. Sometimes you can hurt someone or be hurt to the point that it can’t go on. Friends or not, everyone deserves to be respected. Regardless of which party was in the wrong, if the friendship isn’t worth saving or can’t be repaired…cut your losses and move on.

Sometimes, I cancel plans. Sometimes, I don’t answer calls and text right away. Sometimes, I’m moody and grumpy. One thing I do know is this, if you are a true friend of mine then you get the best of me. My ears to listen to you with, my arms to hug you with and a place in my heart for you. Always.

One thing is certain, true friendships are one in a million so handle them like a precious jewel.