Oh What a Night


If a picture could speak. 🙂 In life, I feel you must learn to laugh at yourself and to have fun. It’s okay to be serious but you need a release sometimes.

This photo was taken around 7 years ago, my friends and I were out for a little drive one evening around Barbourville. As always when we were together, we were gossiping and laughing till our sides hurt. Someone brought up a story about a street name in town we had never heard before and instantly, our curousity came out. As we drove around, we devised a couple of plans to locate this street.

The winning plan involved someone going into the police department and asking for directions on how to find it. Guess who volunteered. Me! I remember going in and asking then walking back out, laughing so hard I was in tears. This picture represents a great night with some great friends, doing nothing but being our silly selves and enjoying every minute of it.

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