Today’s challenge is the meaning of my business name. Technically this isn’t a business but I’m going to give you how My3P’s came about.

I’ve been on my weight loss journey since January and many people wanted to know my secrets. No big secrets…just healthier eating & exercise. Really not what they wanted to hear but it’s the truth. Weight loss surgery and diet pills were not an option for me so I did it the way that worked for me.

I really wanted to give others, going through the weight loss headache, encouraging and uplifting words. However, I wasn’t sure about how to do it. My friend began talking about a blog and ways I could reach out to people with my positivity. He and I came up with the blog idea and it skyrocketed from there. I signed up and the hardest part was coming up with a name.

We brainstormed one Sunday afternoon, tossed a few things back and forth and we came up with The first “P” being Prayers. Can anyone have too many prayers or pray too much? I don’t think it’s possible. Not only do I pray for myself but I pray most hard for my friends, family and even people I don’t know. I pray for the country, the president, practically everyone! I never pray for specifics, only ask that his will be done. No matter how you pray, it should become a staple in your life.

The second “P” stands for Patience. Patience is not a strong point for me. I’m sure you all have heard me say that but I’m honest enough to admit it. I admit that I usually like that instant gratification but with weight loss, it does NOT happen like that. It’s a very slow process. The past 7 months have taught me to slow down, smell the roses and appreciate what’s in front of me. It’s all in God’s timing, not mine.

Positivity is the third and final “P”. Honestly to me, this may be the most important one. Being positive not only makes you feel better but it also helps others too, even if you aren’t aware of it. Kinda like think positive and positive things will happen. Don’t allow negativity to prevent your dreams from coming true. We all have problems and issues, no one is perfect but having a positive attitude can change your entire outlook. Look for something positive in each day, you may have to look harder at times but I promise it’s going to be worth it.

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