Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was this princess named Samantha, she was beautiful and fair and people worshipped at her feet…Hold up, this is real life. Who has time for make-believe?

I’ve challenged myself to a 31 day blog challenge because I want my readers to know more about me and realize that we are all somewhat similar. If you know me personally, you may know most of what I’m going to write but read along anyways and act surprised. 🙂

My name is Samantha Michelle and I was born in a small town in southeastern Kentucky named Barbourville to two adoring parents, Gary & Carol. I have one brother and he has 3 daughters, my beautiful nieces. Growing up, I loved to talk and make friends (I actually still do), I enjoyed school and loved to read. After graduation, I moved to Richmond where I attended EKU.

Fast forward past college, I married and divorced. That was a very low point in my life and without God’s grace and guiding hand, I would have never made it through that period. In 2013, my sweet Father left this earth unexpectedly and once again, my heart was shattered.

A couple of years later, the most loving soul I know left this earth, my Grandmother. It was really at that point, I realized how truly alone I felt. I began to lean on God more and through all the loss and heartache, began to learn more about myself and just how strong I could be. I had a warm bed at night, food on the table and some amazing friends and family who loved me dearly.

My biggest fault is I care about people too much and it gives them the opportunity to take advantage of my kindness. Some days, I wish I could change but I could never be a cold-hearted person, no matter what curve ball life throws at me. When I love, I love big…there is no in between with me. I love to cook, travel, shop, watch movies and cuddle. I love spontaneous road trips, workouts at the gym and I hate surprises.

I have a deep passion for animals and volunteer at the Laurel County Animal Shelter at least once a week. Anyone that can harm a defenseless animal isn’t much of a person, in my opinion!! I have two rescue cats who keep me entertained and covered in fur.

I began this blog to share my life & weight loss journey with others. It’s quickly became something I really enjoy doing and I hope you all enjoy reading it! Check back tomorrow for day 2!


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