Celebrate You!

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of celebrating yourself and who you are! However, I may be an even bigger fan of celebrating birthdays. From balloons to cakes to streamers, I love it all. 🙂

Years ago, a dear friend of mine broke it down like this. Your birthday is your personal holiday. It’s the day you were brought into this world, the day you saw your family, the day of many firsts so party it up! Every day is a gift but this day is extra special just like you.

When I was younger, I always enjoyed birthday parties…who doesn’t? However, I noticed as I got older, the parties got a lot smaller or stopped all together. Who made that rule? No matter what age, a birthday should still be made to feel special whether in private or public.

For some people, their age is an issue and I completely understand. As we get older, our body reminds us with new creaks and aches. It’s all part of this wonderful thing we call life, embrace it. Embrace every wrinkle and laugh line you have, you are blessed to have the opportunity to grow older.

I’m lucky enough to share my birthday month, July, with many special people. My Grandmother Louise, my Papaw Mitchell, my Great Aunt Cookie, my Aunt Elaine, my Great Uncle Ralph (we shared the same day, he always joked I was his present), my sweet friends Carla & Theresa and a special little boy, Jason to name a few! Happy Birthday July babies!

Friday, I kicked off the beginning of my birthday week with some friends/coworkers. I am so thankful to have them in my life to keep me sane! We had a great time eating and celebrating. At the end, there may have been a small, teeny cake fight in the restaurant but we were polite enough to clean up our mess!

As an adult, there aren’t rules that say you must stop having fun! I think many people forget that, life can be so mundane at times. Always remember, it’s okay to celebrate you. Don’t wait on others to make you feel loved, love yourself. Find the beautiful in your life. Be silly. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. Be the best person you can be and never stop celebrating you…every day.



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