A Grandmother’s Love

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

My beautiful Grandmother left this earth February 28, 2015. Her Heavenly celebration began at that point with her parents and other loved ones who had passed. I’m positive at the moment of her last breath, my Grandfather was holding out his arms and saying, “Welcome home, I’ve missed you so.”

A week from today, she would have celebrated her 81st birthday. She always hated the fact that we made a big deal out of that day. I’d show up with silly birthday hats and streamers, Mom would make a cake and others would bring gifts and food. She would fuss at us all, standing there in her Sunday dress and knee hi’s, but deep down this is what she lived for…her family being together.

Family meant everything to her. Stories about broken hearts, a new job we were going after or that we ran into Linda May (purely fictional, btw) were always received with an open heart and mind. She’d listen patiently before giving us the words she thought best.

She taught me the true definition of unconditional love. Many times I turned to her for help and she was always there. Being the oldest grandchild, she may have allowed me to get away with more than the others but she was still firm when needed. She would pick on me about the silliest things and my, how I miss that.

The closeness I shared with her went beyond a grandmother/granddaughter relationship. There were many times, I felt like she was my mom. In her last days, she spoke and said she loved all her kids, even the extra one. Guess who she was talking about? It makes me smile to this day.

You would never know in the picture above how much pain she was in, how she was losing her battle. You can’t tell from her smile that she knew that would be her last Thanksgiving with us all. This was to be the last time I fixed her hair, makeup and painted her nails. She proudly sits there in her penguin sweater my nieces bought her for Christmas that she insisted on wearing.

Sometimes I wish she was still here but I realize how selfish that is of me. I need her on the couch beside me watching our silly Hallmark movies, I need her fixing salmon patties whenever I asked, I need her hand to hold but Heaven needed her more. There is simply no love like a Grandmother’s love, it is pure and kind and forgiving. If you are blessed to still have your Grandmother, please cherish every moment.

Forever wishing there was one more moment with mine.

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