Coffee & Mistakes

I’ve always hated coffee. Moment of silence for those that just fell out of their chairs. The black bitterness did nothing for me. However, the smell was on an entirely different level. The aroma is rich and potent and downright, heavenly.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to start eating healthier and began to look for new breakfast options besides McDonald’s. All the low carb/keto pages I follow on Instagram rave about iced coffee so I decided I was going to try it and love it! This started my seemingly never-ending road to finding the best recipe for me which was one that didn’t taste like coffee…LOL!

Many attempts later, I settled on one that included a protein shake, liquid stevia, unsweetened almond/cashew milk and cold coffee. I began using my Keurig to brew one cup at a time which wasn’t enough. Next I pulled out the small 5 cup coffee pot and bought the biggest jug of Folgers they make…a whopping 380 cups. Being unsure how much coffee to brew, I found a small scoop and carefully measured out 5 level scoops for 5 cups of coffee…makes sense, right?

What happened is this…first of all, 5 cups of water in a 5 cup coffee maker only makes 4 cups of coffee. Where does the other cup go? If that’s normal, shouldn’t the coffee maker companies allow for that and label the pot 5 cups when it’s actually 6 to accommodate for the disappearing one cup. Also, the amount of coffee I was using was almost three times what I should have been using as illustrated in the picture above. Complete iced coffee failure. I think I will just stick to water, it never lets me down.

Everyday we make mistakes and it’s okay. What isn’t okay is constantly making the same ones over and over. Life is one big learning curve and it’s inevitable that we will screw up every once in a while. Mistakes keep us humble. It’s easy to fall into the same, safe pattern because we are afraid to fail if we try something new. Move out of that comfort zone and make some mistakes. Learn from them, apply them to new ventures.

We don’t just learn more when we’re open to mistakes, we learn deeper. Don’t see them as a failure to learn, view them as a guide to what still needs to be learned. Perfection doesn’t exist, no matter how hard we fake it. Just remember to admit your mistakes, learn from them and don’t repeat them. Don’t put others down for failing and don’t allow others to put you down. Respect is still deserved.

My wish for you all is this…make mistakes. Make plenty of amazing mistakes because it means you are trying new things, doing new things. Make mistakes no one has ever made before. Do not stop living, do not worry that it’s not good enough, or it’s not perfect. Work, love, family, life. If you fear it, DO it! Make your mistakes and never stop learning my friends.


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